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Cosy Single Apartment

Moving into a new unfurnished apartment: first, the living room should be completely furnished. With a comfortable sofa, a rug and a coffee table, we will create a cozy lounge area. For the dining area we will choose a dining table for 4 or 6 people and matching chairs. Also, a low piece of furniture for the TV to be sought as well as a system to hang personal pictures.

Decorative elements such as curtains, cushions and candlesticks will harmonize the decor. The atmosphere of the room should be cozy and inviting. Maybe a wall could be painted. The project should be completed within 4 weeks.


FURNITUR & Accessories


Colors, materials and style of the living room: Colonial style meets modern coziness: natural colors such as creamy white and beige as a basis, plus noble walnut wood tones Soft and fluffy textiles. Indigo blue as an accent. Country style accessory in natural material.

Colors, materials and style of the hallway: Authentic country house style meets trend color taupe: Invited atmosphere with gray-brown wall paint (“taupe”) as a base, to white country house furniture and rustic gray wood elements, natural color accessories, or cream, warm gray and bright brown. Textile in white wool and faux fur. Some silver elements as an accent.

 Ground view


Client InDecorate for a privat client
Service 3 x Small Room Make Over
Completion Januar 2017
Site Berlin Mitte
Surface 50 qm