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The  Berlin private school “Mathematics in Berlin” asked to assist them in the design of their new 300 square rental unit. Since 2007 they prepare separate students to examinations. Thanks to its excellent reputation, the school has grown so strongly in recent years that larger rooms have been needed. I developed a concept that reflects the philosophy of the young, flexible and experienced teaching staff in the rooms. In the entrance area I took a special attention to the color concept. On the one hand, a dynamic environment should be created that encourages instructors and students equally as well as flexibility and strength. I selected a range of accessories and furniture in citrus hue from orange to yellow because this colors symbolize energy. On the other hand, an atmosphere of serenity and clarity should prevail in the rooms, in order to take the students anxiety. As a second hue I choose a bright blue with turquoise undertones, which I translated into the wall and floor design.

Pictures of the school



I conceived the reception to mesure with light plywood panels. The wood decor continues on the wall behind the counter and thus becomes an appealing panel. The slanting out lines in the wall design and the offset carpets in the lounge clearly delineate the different areas of the entrance and underline the dynamic and young image of the customer. Fresh green plants, which are used throughout the office, emphasize this impression. The large classrooms are simply furnished in order to let the student concentrate and learn. Different chairs were ordered and tested for functionality, before a model was found that is both good looking and comfortable for longer sitting. The simple color concept continues in the office rooms of the management and teaching staff. Some classic furniture in Mid-Century style like Eames inspired chairs and tables fit particulary the typical office buildings with their relatively low ceilings and carpet floors. Green pot plants, trendy accessories such as the String wall shelf and dark wood furniture complete the overall picture.



Photography : Vincent Roux

Furniture & accessories



Ground views



Client Indecorate for Mathematik in Berlin
Request Interior concept. Direction of the construction works. Layout. Furnishing. Decoration.
Completion October 2016
Site Charlottenburg Berlin
Surface 290 qm