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This guest house, located near the canal in the lovely town of Herblay in Region Paris, is composed of two big houses set in a picturesque garden. The owner, originally from Brazil, will guide his South American guests around the beautiful city of Paris and its surrounds, assisting them in their discovery of European, French and Parisian culture. Each house contains five en suite bedrooms, a large living room, spacious kitchen, patio and fireplace. Guests can also make use of the swimming pool, situated between the two houses.
The interior was thinking to be comtemporary in the common areas and more classical and recognizable as french style in the privat rooms.




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The fireplace’s harmonious mix of cold and warm colours, along with the abundant use of browns and greens, leather and stone, build an authentic, convivial atmosphere. The living room, connected to the greenery outside by the large bay windows and furnished with contemporary pieces, is conceived as a modern contrast of black and white, underscored by the extensive use of refined, geometric lines. Upstairs the bedrooms, each of which has its own individual colour scheme, offer a hushed, elegant ambiance through the combination of soft colours, refined tapestry and timeless, dark-toned wooden furniture.

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Ground view


Client Privat
Request Interior Design Concept, Shopping
Completion December 2012
Site Herblay Region Paris
Surface 55 qm