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M- Store has retailed an attractive selection of streetwear clothing since 2006. T-shirts, hoodies, and sweaters; sourced from ecological producers and fair trade channels are this stores products. T-Shirt are the must have for every wardrobe! Marlon Brando made it a timeless classic and now it’s a must-have for every wardrobe. Today; the basic ‘tee’ is part of the ultimate norm core statement.

M- Store founders have combined their expert printing knowledge and passion for street art to offer customised quirky T-Shirts incorporating friendly illustrations.


Pictures of the interior

testouné _mg_6579-kopie


I have created a trendy design concept for this shop enabling it’s unique range of quality products to be highlighted.

As there is a strong streetwear aesthetic, I chose to set the products in an urban type decor. Using concrete, steel and plywood I created an atmosphere that reminds us of the spirit in a big industrial city. Items hang from steel scaffolding-like structures while others simply but elegantly lay folded on a construction-like plywood platform. Two walls are covered with a bold concrete effect wallpaper. Wall one; as a background for playfully hung funky bags. Wall two; for a steel coat hanger system. We painted the existing furniture and ceiling with a slate green, blending with the existing light blue floor. The new fresh, contemporary setting is completed with a spot light installation to bring everything alive!



Ground view



Client Simonuno Shop Owner
Request Make Over: New interior concept. Details planning. Implementation
Completion March 2016
Site Friedrichshain Berlin
Surface 66 qm

Björn Karlsson Furniture www.bjornkarlsson.de