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Industrial Regal nach Maß einmachglas Lampe, Tresen nach Maß, Blau Tresen Backstein Wand

Les Enfants Terribles



A spot for chilling out and cultural events in Friedrichshain : the Coffehouse Les Enfants Terribles. On the menu: freshly prepared food, a great selection of hot and cold drinks, all topped off with tasty desserts. A neighbourhood friendly place where you can grab you coffee in the morning, find some fast but healthy meal at midday or take place to write, read or work, in a cosy atmosphere, and feel like home.


The baroque chic meets the bistro style, all modernized, to result a practical and comfortable room. You are first welcomed by the counter, a massive slate grey classic inspired with its moulding, made to measure to fit perfectly the needs of the team. Behind it, the wooden boards and dark steel pipe wall mounted and floor standing industrial shelf shows the brick wall at his best. The vibrating dark red wooden floor is slaked by the clear Perl white walls. A dark grey blue come between the windows to highlighting the architecture.







Client Schultz GmbH
Request Interior Design Concept. Detailed Planning. Sanitation Layout. Tailored Counter, Storage and Stage. Furnishing research. Lighting.
Completion January 2015
Site Friedrichshain Berlin
Surface 68 qm
Manufacturing MWB Berlin: Counter  www.mwb-berlin.de

Christopher Lakin: Storage

Atelier Studio DREIZWEINULL: Stage   www.dreizweinull.com

Tuner Demirci: Painting

Schultz GmbH: Implementation and Furnishing