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One Privat Apartment

This apartment is part of a Baugemeinschaft (joint building venture) called the « Fahrradloft ». This project consist of a group of personne that bought together a piece of land, sought allies, promoted the planning and builded their own two houses. Located at Nollendorfplatzt. Each apartment have a spacious balcony areas and are wheelchair accessible. With the lift it goes with bike trailer or stroller right up on the floor.

Perched of the 6th floor this aparment get a nice view of the green near Rummelsburg. For their interior the jung couple owner wished a pleasant atmosphere with natural colors and scandinavian flair. The majority of white walls and hell Wooden furniture should be contrasted with accent of gray and sensual colors. Simple but elegant, it should be praticable and peaceful.

During the building process i visualized their interior to help them plan the furnishing. I conceived for them a color concept for the walls, that enable to put all together. The living room is light gray. The kitchen walls are mild blue. For the master bedroom I created sensual ambiance planning all the walls in Antique violett. This strong but unsaturated color enable to feel in a warm and relaxing atmosphere.


Pictures of the interior




Photography: Vincent Roux


Client Privat
Request Color concept and 3D Renderings
Completion Avril 2015
Site Lichtenberg Berlin
Surface 75 qm (all Apparment: 100 qm)